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 Beginners' Guide to Auction House

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PostSubject: Beginners' Guide to Auction House   Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:20 am

Thrown away that useless item that probably would of sold for 50 gold? Keep trying to craft the same item over and over but you end up failing? Well, fortunately there is an auction house within this game for all players!

So, which NPC do you right click on? Salesperson of course! Although, they charge you a very small commission rate in proportion to the price tag that you've put on your item, it's worth it as you will find your main source of income to be the auction house.

You can find items of all different sorts here, varying levels, equipment, item mall items, useful items, aesthetic items, potions, scrolls, mounts and more! Although I'll let it up to you to find the items you need =P

The interface is fairly straightforward, with the balance at the bottom left, the item value within the inquiry search and a navigation tab with subcategories and categories in addition to gears related to only your class or subclass and lowest to highest priced or highest to lowest priced items (which is useful if you don't want to navigate 38 pages of something =P!)

Simply drag an item (not bound) to the slot, set the price and click post! Remember that the item will only be put up there for 24 hours. If the item fails to sell, it will return back to your mailbox, otherwise you will find a stash of gold, silver or copper there! Try to not sell items too low in relative to other items or too high as they might not be sold or you might be undersold. Remember that when demand is high and supply is low, prices are high (especially new costumes that are permanent!) and that prices are low when demand is low and supply is high (so try not to sell that item over there for 1 or 2 gold less than the next person and wait 1 or 2 days to sell it at a higher price, or sell it 10% or so higher if theres only one on the market and it's likely that another person will buy it for fortification or consumable purposes).

So where do you find these salespeople? The three major cities (biggest dots) and Angoya island.

Search for the treasure chest.

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Beginners' Guide to Auction House
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