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 Beginners\' Guide to Lovers\' System

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PostSubject: Beginners' Guide to Lovers' System   Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:09 pm

So you fell in love with someone and you want them to be your lover? What do you do?

Simply click on that person, right click on their head avatar and click Confess Love.

You will be prompted with a box like this.

If rejected, it will appear like this or if that person is already in a relationship.

<Reserve Image for System Rejection>

If you break up, it will look like this, however your ex-partner will not receive the curse.

And you may not be in another relationship for 24 hours.

You may buy lover skills or potions (in bundles of 100) with these love index points at the lovers' sprite store which is located in every major city. In order to be able to gain love index points, you or your partner must be online while completing quests or gaining fame. Once these points are spent, they are subtracted from your overall total of both you and your partner. Note that these potions have a separate cooldown as opposed to your NPC or monsters' drops' potions thus allowing you effectively to dual-potion use with one being on a 30 second cooldown and another being on a seperate 30 second cooldown (as opposed to 10 second cooldown of item mall potions). The only potions restoring HP/MP 1900+ or higher are exclusive to couples only with the exception of ''normal'' potions of such degree being found from bosses and monsters, thus this system is beneficial to both players within the relationship

The buffs are effective for one minute only and affect your partner only (in other versions they last 10 minutes and there a teleportation skill later on).

Lover skills are not shared between partners and consume 200MP. They may be hotkeyed or slotted. You can view the lover interface by pressing O and clicking on the Lovers' Tab if you have a lover. You may also post messages with one another through a private board which is referred to as ''Pillow Chat''.

<Reserve Image for Map with Lover>
<Reserve Image for +10% EXP Icon>

Additionally, you will receive a 10% EXP bonus for all monsters killed within the same map as your lover thus it is both to your advantage to be at an ideal and similar level while training in the same party and map.

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PostSubject: Re: Beginners\' Guide to Lovers\' System   Mon Mar 15, 2010 12:12 pm

<3 Vareos Very Happy

Awesome guide! ^^
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Beginners\' Guide to Lovers\' System
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