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 Guide to OSI (Old Siwa Island)

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PostSubject: Guide to OSI (Old Siwa Island)   Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:25 pm

You start by getting the board quest at level 46, Old Siwa Island comission order. Afterwards, you right click and activate the scroll. A paladin or a high-defensive capability or high-evasion person then proceeds to run until the first boss, Furuguru. Be wary of his heavy damaging criticals, although it should be fine if the tank is adequately equipped with a healer.

The tank's next task is to run up this hill, clear the path by collecting the monsters while mass or area of effect stunning with the help of other party members (wizards, rangers, etc). Once all mobs are killed, proceed to kill Boss Rook Barron. Be wary of his sealing near the end. Once you're finished go back down to kill Vice-Chief fishman and turn in your quest for 12g and a chance at blue or green item!

Watch in HD 720p.

Roles of Tank (Paladins, Beserkers, Assassins) :
- Wait until the healer catches up and the rest of the party, so you do not end up dying in the end
- Grab most of the aggros if possible
- Collect Charges from the goblins at the beginning in order to activate Eternal Radiance or other AoE skills to reinforce malice towards you by mobs
- Signal the attack by self-buffing yourself with Showdown Banner, Hot blooded surge, etc
- Keep Recasting these spells if you are ill-equipped or are a low level tanker
- You might want to tell your party members to wait 30 seconds or so before attacking if you easily lose aggro during bosses
- Remember to use armour-cracking, weakening strike and perfect guard in order to help your healer
- Stun all summons around you if possible during bosses
- If you are low on HP while running, use a potion, or carry 2 types of potions, otherwise, stop and start AoEing
- Do not charge in at bosses if the party is not ready with the exception if you are quite well-equipped

Role of Healers (Sage, Cleric, Support Paladins) :
- Heal your tank during bosses, and only resurrect other party members, if the tank is at 70% HP or higher
- Tell your party members to run near you if they are about to die so you can resurrect them
- Do not grab aggros or displace enemies unless you are low HP (during mob killing)
- Heal other party members if necessary, if your tank is at 70% HP or higher
- Tell your party members to protect you during boss summons
- Do not DPS unless you are a second healer (however, you should heal party members if the party ends up doing not so well at 50% HP~)
- If there are two tanks and one disconnects, immediately heal the second tank
- Do not ressurect any DPS member if the tank is below 30% HP.
- Remember to cure plague state before healing

Role of DPS (Wizards, Rangers, Beserkers) :
- Do not run in circles, go in ziggly zag or otherwise if you steal aggro from the boss, this will destroy the party, simply stop attacking and move back slowly
- Protect the healer at all times, do not let your healer die, stun and kill mobs so your healer has a chance to recuperate while mob killing
- Do not attack first and try to steal aggro in order to make your tank prematurely attack
- Do not attack a monster 1v1 while there is a huge mob next to you, simply bring the monster there and then proceed to AoE
- Use lockstuns, knockbacks and other skills if necessary

Role of Debuffers (Necromancers) :
- Debuff the bosses as much as possible
- Same role as DPS

Preparations and more tips :
- Rangers and Assassins, do not attempt to grab aggro then hide
- Healers, grab a lv2 gaia stone, they are worth it if you do not want to run back up the hill in case of death
- If a party member disconnects and is not your tank or healer, please be courteous and have only your tank damage for the duration in order to reinvite the disconnected party member back
- Do not join a party if you have to leave within the next 18 or so minutes
- Clerics and sages (if they are 2), please do not teleport back to town but resurrect eachother
- Wizards, do not forget that there is one boss left (if you do it the (1-2-3 way rather then running up the hill) when you attempt to teleport (also when teleporting, make sure the portal is set there)
- Set it to round-robin at all times
- Have fun
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Guide to OSI (Old Siwa Island)
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